On Sunday 11 December 11PM Ö1 Radiokunst will play my improvised remix of Werner Pirchner’s Ö1 radio jingles, Katrin Euller’s sound project Rent, aswell as our collaborative 10-minutes audio play: “Droneland”.

Zeit-Töne in Spielräumen, Adina Camhy
“For the program Radiokunst, Adina Camhy remixed the Ö1 Signations (1994-2017) designed by Werner Pirchner. Pichner’s sounds, which shaped a radio era and inscribed themselves in everyday life through their repetitions, are looped, alienated, distorted and electronically processed in Camhy’s contribution.”

Droneland, Adina Camhy & Katrin Euller
The two sound artists are travelling through landscapes of Vienna’s south-eastern periphery – a seemingly Non-Place land between Lobau, Danube, oil port, logistics centre, cemetery and refinery. How does the landscape on the edge of the big city sound like? What history meets what possible futures here? Is there a way out of capitalist reality?
Field recordings, synthesizer sounds and spoken word create a micro-portrait of a landscape on the edge.
Improvisations with field recordings, synthesizer, effects, lyrics, voice*: Adina Camhy* & Katrin Euller

Rent, a sound projetc by Katrin Euller
Rent focuses on harsh analog sounds as well as digital sound synthesis. In combination, this creates tracks that are somewhere in the realm of experimental music, between, noise, drone and ambient.

Re-listening: 7 days after the radio broadcast in Ö1 radio online archive and later on kunstradio.at.

Thank you Hans Groiss & Ö1 Kunstradio for the invitation and the support.
Thank you Elfriede Pirchner & Erbengemeinschaft Werner Pirchner for the possibility to remix the signations.