AiR Trieste in April & May


Happy to have arrived in Trieste for AiR Trieste! I am artist in resident here for two months (April & May 2023), researching on Carso/Karst/Kras:

“In my project ‘Carso / Karst / Kras’ I would like to approach karst landscape from multiple perspectives. As a typo locality, the transnational landscape ‘Karst’ (Italian ‘Carso’, Slovenian and Croatian ‘Kras’) above the Gulf of Trieste and in Slovenia is considered to give the geological phenomenon its name.

The Karst, as a rugged landscape with various formations such as caves and sinkholes, offers a variety of formal, historical, literary and theoretical points of contact for my research.

The aim of the stay on site is to collect different fragments on the topic and to relate them to each other in a new and unexpected way, similar to my approach in my essay short film Crater (2022). In particular, I am interested in relations between humans, technology and landscapes in the age of Capitalocene.”