I am happy to announce the release of the split tape HUIA by Marie Vermont / Supersurface:

Inspired by the sound of the extinct bird Huia, each side of the split tape HUIA is a continuous journey through jungles, forests and industrial wastelands.
Marie Vermont’s „Allmende“ (side A) is a polyrhythmical remembrance of fizzling common grounds: Squeaking voices, crackling percussive punches and growing disturbances – dimensioning an open ended space.
With „Foam“ (side B) Supersurface (Adina Camhy) opens up landscapes of a fictitious dystopian science fiction film: dreamy spheres encounter raw noises, over which hovers the harmless-seeming voice of the most dangerous animal that exists.

Split tape: HUIA
Marie Vermont / Supersurface
A: Marie Vermont – Allmende (20:00)
B: Supersurface – Foam (20:00)

recorded in Vienna 2021
mastered by Queer Ear Mastering
label: beach buddies records, Bucharest (RO)
release date: September 2021
it comes with RISOprinted folded poster

listen to it HERE
buy it at Sissy Sound Records Store Vienna or online HERE