“Mensch Maschine” – group exhibition, Brussels

16 January to 16 February 2020, Botanique, Brussels

My short film “Mensch Maschine Or Putting Parts Together” will be part of the group exhibition “Mensch Maschine” in Botanique, Brussels.

Mein Kurzfilm “Mensch Maschine Or Putting Parts Together” ist Teil der Gruppenaustellung “Mensch Maschine” in Botanique, Brüssel.

“The exhibition Mensch Maschine is touching on elements of machine learning fundaments: the feed, the successes, as well as the failures. News about technological development seem to be generally positive. However, critical journalism and research are teaching us about machine learning as a biased and even discriminating entity.”

Lucie Planty (FR), Chris Dreier (DE), Jenna Sutela (FI), Joanna Żylińska (UK/PL), Adina Camhy (AT), Constant (BE), Mélodie Mousset (FR/CH), Heather Dewey-Hagborg (US) & Dasha Ilina (Ru)

Curated by Thierry Vandenbussche and Privacy Salon.