I was invited by ACE to design the billboards around Flucc Vienna (a cultural center for art music and club culture) within the framework of the exhibition series “In der Kubatur des Kabinetts”.

The large format posters can be seen from 17 October until 17 November 24/7 on the outside facade of flucc in public space.

Adina Camhy, fragments from “Passage”, 2023, billboards and video

“Adina Camhy’s contribution to the FLUCC billboards is a large-format poster based on video stills from her work “Passage” (together with Benedikt Alphart). The work deals with the settlement and colonization of space by humans and critically questions it. In “Passage” (2023), Adina Camhy addresses the issue of ownership and infrastructures in the physical and virtual world: on Earth, in its atmosphere, and beyond. Who has power over social media platforms, over discourse and content? How is it possible that today corporations and powerful individuals can make war-related decisions by enabling or disabling a service as they see fit (e.g. Elon Musk & his Starlink satellite internet in Ukraine)? Today’s infrastructure monopolies are the foundation for tomorrow’s capitalist exploitation on Earth and beyond. How can they be replaced by democratic and collaborative infrastructures?”

17 October: exhibition opening
24 October: film screening “Crater” & artist talk Adina Camhy; painting workshop w/ Anzhelika Palyvoda
7 November: film screening with Total Refusal & Andrea Sodomka

Curated by ACE – Association for Curatorial Education (Iris Kasper, Lara Almbauer, Nastia Khlestova)
Fine arts – Curatorial direction FLUCC: Ursula Maria Probst
Artwork poster: Alexandra Berlinger